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One pair of Western Electric 597 tweeter  improved Replica .
We will give you one pair of diaphragms free till the end of march.
Free shipping

Field coil power 7V DC, voice coil has DCR 12.5 ohm( 16ohm: nominal).

AWS 597 tweeter is exact WE 597 tweeter with phase plug added which improves the sound through the even wave passage.

Please refer the picture in silver color aluminum phase plug.(there is no phase plug in original WE 597).

Another difference is using 16 ohm impedance of the voice coil to match modern amplifier impedance.
Original WE 597 adapts 19.5 ohm DCR that is very high: hard to match to any cross over.
This causes the low tweeter volume when we connect 16 ohm cross over.

Titanium film is used.

Simply, these tweeter will give you the very good matching sound to your system.
More powerful.... volume and delicate sound in high frequency.
It sounds amazing.....

Any question? Write us.
We will upload the video in YOUTUBE soon.


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