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   I started my audio collection in Los Angeles while I was doing my Business.

  As an audio buff, I got into the best: Western Electric gears.

 I met Mr. John Bonner of Warner Brothers  sound dept. Manager( at that time).

 I tried to buy his speaker at his home "JBL Hartz field speaker".

After the meeting,He let his worker to handle the deal for him.

Since that, He introduced many of his colleages to me.

Eventually I met many of technicians in Hollywood's movie studios.

Some of them were the Employee of the Wetern Electric co.

They gave me All the catalogues, brochures of JBL,Altec,Jensen Mcintosh,Marantz, Trusonic etc.

Years later, I have sold some of my collection due to the storage problem.​

Japanese were my main buyers at that time...later Korean.

Oneday a customer visit my studio and just listened the music 3 hours without a word.

He revisited several times acompanied by my friend.

And Suggested   me "Why don't you make the replica of Western Electric gears?".

He remind me same over and over.

Oneday I made up my mind to try.

Luckily I could have the consulting of the technicians in Hollywood.

Those retired techicians were a great help in many aspects.

Luckily The magnet metal alloy was solved without much problems.

The rest of the  process: milling ,coil winding etc went smoothly.

 I got the wonderful replica of the WE555 drivers:

To get the old parts for replica of We555 was quite difficult.

However there were some old part shop of the vitange gears in Los Angeles.

The wood horn was also very hard to finish.

 I ordered to 3 veteran carpenters one after another for three years.

But failed to get the right one.

Finally i decided to finsh by my self.

On half size of WE15A horn : It took for me three years to finish two size model( large and small).

Altec 284/7 driver replica.​

AWS 555 : replica of WE555.

AWS 4181: replica of WE4181.

AWS 597 tweeter : Replica of WE597 

AWS594:Replica of WE594.

Quite recently,I could have  finished the whole process.

It took me 20 years.

I wish to keep the Wstern Electric legacy.

I /we will do our best to serve you.



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