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These are the replica of the Western Electric 4181A woofers.

Field coil woofers(Electro-dynamic woofers).
Powered by DC 24.

Field coil : DC 24 Ohms.
Voice coil: DC 12 ohms.(nominal 16 ohms).
Size: 18" diameter.
Cone paper: Linear curved paper cone .
Frequency range: 20Hz ~

Weight: 53Lbs Each.

These are our second batch of 18" replica of Western Electric woofers.

Total performance is magnificent !!!!
The rich low frequency are  from the strong magnetic strength and good cone paper.....and will give you
the magnificent sound especially with our Drivers and wood horns combination.

You may listen the sound of these woofers on youtube Angel's Western Sound.

More pictures will be posted later date.


Regarding shipping:
We try send these free~ However Covid put some difficulties these day...
please contact us before you place the order.
We prefer ship them by ship. 


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